BMC & SMC Plastic Tooling Fabrication

You might need one more competitive BMC & SMC Plastic Tooling Shop Quotation for your recent RFQ. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity introducing LODIO to you.

Lodio Enterprise Co., Ltd. (manufacturer), a major international BMC & SMC plastic injection tools supplier established in Taiwan since 1993. At her initial exploring period, Lodio accepted all kind of challenges and successfully developed variety kind of plastic thermoplastic & thermosetting molds at mold weight from 0.5 ton ~ 10 ton and exported to North America and Europe with good reputation.

Please find the following data of our recent tooling fabrications for your reference:

1) Thermoplastic Injection Mold Tools

2) BMC, SMC Thermosetting Compound Plastic Mold Tools

If you are looking for a qualify partner offshore in tooling fabrication then Lodio could be your first selection. We sincerely hope your company could be the next one we can serve to.

If you are interested in the Quote of molds (tooling) from Lodio, please send us your 3-D parts drawing formatted IGES with its detail specification sheet and we will quote you soon. 

Yours sincerely

Peter C H Chang
Lodio Enterprise Co., Ltd.
7F, No. 651-2, Chung Cheng Rd., Hsin Chung City,
Taipei Hsien, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-29081567 / Fax: 886-2-29081580
Website at
Email: &

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