Killer NEW topsite script! 2013 – the rebirth of topsites?

Hello First, I would like to thank you for being a member of the OSempire community over the years. While things have slowed down a lot in the forum, behind the scenes we have been busy developing and improving new products and services. THAT is why I am emailing you today, I’d like to make you a sweet offer on a product I am sure you can benefit from (more niche traffic and income) right now. >>>> <= click that if you want to see the special offer now, otherwise read on: Many of our members were users of Aardvark Topsites PHP (the worlds finest topsite script). For various reasons, many lists were closed down over the years leaving a gap in many niches for a good topsite list. Further development of the Aardvark Topsite product had also slowed, going several years without any updates. So in the midst of this, in January of 2011 we set out to develop a commercial version that would be updated regularly and help re-institute topsite lists as the valuable marketing tools they once were. Now, 2 years, 15 releases, and over 100 awesome «beta» customers later we are proud to present VisioList, the evolution of the topsite. Now you can create and manage your topsite list easier than ever and take advantage of our built in tools to avoid spam and server abuse! Best of all because of your OSempire membership you get this at a discounted rate for the next few days. Here is the offer: What you get: $10 off our already low prices Free upgrade from your Aardvark Topsites powered list OR Free fresh installation on your server Just some of the VisioList features: – improved button.php that is capable of zero queries to avoid MySQL overloads on your server – improved spam prevention to keep your time focused on the right stuff – facebook, twitter integration to help you with marketing – plugin system allows you to customize your list without editing any code! Makes upgrading a breeze! – edit your templates from admin panel – edit your languages from admin panel – members can now submit multiple sites from 1 centralized user control panel – members can upload banners direct to your server instead of hotlinking – custom full size screenshot integration, with images stored on your server and sooo much more! We also have a great affiliate program that pays a HUGE rate, so if your looking for some extra income spread the love, make some cash! if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask thanks and all the best to you in 2013 Mark Artyniuk OSempire Admin / VisioList Developer 1-866-584-3960