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The Daily — Jon Johnson, Editor

The Daily cuts right to the core of the day’s stock market activity and is a must for anyone with an IRA or that enjoys investing in individual stocks. The Daily can provide the knowledge you need to make safe, sound and profitable investments.

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AKAM (Akami Technologies–$39.96; +0.21; optionable): Internet
Company Profile
After Hours: $39.96
EARNINGS: 02/06/2013
STATUS: AKAM is testing the breakout from a 7 month triangle base. Nice breakout in December and rally to the first of the year. Since then, however, it has faded to test the move, holding above the upper trendline of the triangle last week as it tests. The 50 day EMA has risen to meet it, and Thursday volume started to kick back in as the stock bounced up off support. Held its ground Friday. Nice breakout, good test. As AKAM continues higher through the buy point it is ready.
Volume: 1.55M Avg Volume: 2.649M
BUY POINT: $40.11 Volume=3M Target=$46.00 Stop=$38.71
POSITION: AKAM 13340.00 – May 40c (55 delta) &/or Stock

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52 Wins in 52 Weeks
with 0 Losses


Our Success Trading service delivers quality trading ideas for the elite investor that has the financial wherewithal and market nimbleness to profit on small moves in a stock’s price. Become a member and you will be provided with real-time alerts intended to provide you with the opportunity to make many, many profitable trades.

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NFG (National Fuel Gas Company)
Company Profile
Our Success Trading Group members scored another winning trade this week when we closed out a position in National Fuel Gas Company (Ticker: NFG). We are watching several stocks and are looking forward to trading next week.

Our Success Trading Group closed 52 Wins in 52 Weeks with 0 losses on our Main Trade Table in one calendar year. In fact, we have closed 99.18% winning trades on our Main Trade Table for the period 2006 through 2012. All of these trades are posted on our Main Trade Table for your review during your free membership trial period.
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$10 TRADER — John Tsucalas, Editor

We really enjoy trading stocks that are $10 and under. Often below $5 per share … and even below $2 per share. We put time in researching these lower priced stocks for interesting opportunities. These are the stocks that can yield multiples of my original investment in relatively short periods of time.

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AUO (AU Optronics Corp.)
Company Profile
AU Optronics Corp. (Ticker: AUO), together with its subsidiaries, engages in the design, development, manufacture, assembly, and marketing of flat panel displays, primarily thin film transistor liquid crystal display panels.

AUO, along with Sony, recently debuted the world’s largest organic LED display. For most of you, this doesn’t mean much but as displays and resolutions get larger this important technology shift may position AUO to be in the right place at the right time.

In the coming week $10 Trader will be watching for a possible position in AUO.

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DIVIDEND TRADER — by The Dividend Trader Team

Our Dividend Trader service focuses solely on the “best of the best” dividend paying stocks. We trade these stocks for short-term gains and we will also buy these stocks for their powerful dividend producing income with a purpose to make capital gains as the stock increases in value.

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CSX (CSX Corp.)
Company Profile
Our Dividend Traders closed another winning “Trade” position this week. We like CSX Corp. (Ticker: CSX) for a new “Trade” position at its current price.

With these trades we attempt to get in and get out quickly. Once we buy, we immediately set an exit point of 3% above the buy price. We have had great success in the past. In fact, we closed 97.1% winning trades between 2006 and 2012 on our Trade Table.

While we titled this service a “trader” service, we also invest in these dividend-paying stocks from time to time for the long-term. We will buy these stocks for their powerful dividend producing income with a purpose to make capital gains as the stock increases in value.

Many of the stocks that we will be “investing” in have had a history of raising their dividends almost every year. Year after year. This can be powerful. Building up your dividend income in a tax deferred account such as an IRA can significantly boost your account over the years.

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COVERED CALLS — by The Covered Call Research Team

Our CoveredCall service has been saving covered call writers 90% of research time and helping writers of covered calls make money since 1997. This is the site for serious covered call writers!

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ANF – Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is currently trading at $49.75. The February $49 Calls (ANF20130216C00049000) are trading at $2.97. That provides a return of about 5% if ANF is above $49 on expiration Friday in February. Please note that a trade on ANF may have higher risk as it has an earnings date prior to expiration Friday.
Company Profile

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DAILY DECISION SERVICE — David Moenning, Editor

The ALL-NEW “Adaptive” Daily Decision Service

One Decision… Once a Day… That’s all it really takes to profit in both up AND down markets.

The Daily Decision Service has always been about managing risk and profiting from both rising and falling markets. In short, we strive to be fully invested in stock market indices (via ETF’s) when stocks are rising and we want to be short the market (again, via easy to use exchange traded funds) when stocks are falling.

However, the All-NEW “Adaptive” Daily Decision timing system represents a dramatic upgrade to our original system. The new system is more active, more sensitive to trend changes, is a multiple strategy system, adapts to changing environments, employs multiple timeframes, is 100% Rules-Driven, and most importantly, is more profitable! (The DD has averaged 33% a year for 15 years)

The service is easy to follow… We tell you exactly what and when we are buying or selling via email trade alerts and then we update our performance, current holdings, and new member ratings every single day.

From Dave’s Friday Report…

Today’s Early Trading Decision:

Not surprisingly, the reading of our Market Environment Model remains positive this morning. Thus, we will hold our long positions today.

As always, we will send a Trade Alert via email BEFORE we make a move.

Today’s Market Outlook and Strategy:

Although the earnings from both Citi and Bank of America were less than inspiring and the overnight markets were mixed, the early economic data here in the U.S. was BTE (better than expected). The news that weekly jobless claims fell 37K and Housing Starts surged has been enough to propel the S&P futures higher. As such, it looks like a positive open for Wall Street.

Looking at the charts… the tight trading range that has been in place for the past couple weeks looks like it will be tested at the open. However, given that the 1472 level is fairly important and the fact that we’ve seen a fair amount of intraday selling pressure each and every day this year, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the bears put up a fight. Bottom Line: We’ll be watching the action around 1472 today.

Have a great day.

The ALL-NEW “Adaptive” Daily Decision Service is more active, more sensitive to trend changes, and adapts to changing market environments. The NEW DD is up +299.4% since 2008 (S&P 500: -4.6%).

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The foregoing is commentary for informational purposes only. All statements and expressions are the opinions of Online Investment Services, LP. or the associated editor. This information is not meant to be a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. Past results do not guarantee future performance. Stock investing is risky. Option trading is risky. We are not licensed or registered in the securities or futures industries. The information presented herein and on the related web sites is presented “as is” without warranty of any kind either express or implied. Although the information has been obtained or derived from sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy is not guaranteed. The security portfolios of writers for this issue may, in some instances, include securities mentioned herein and on the related web site. Estimates, assumptions and other forward-looking information are subject to the limits of forecasting. Actual future developments may differ materially due to many factors. No one associated herewith receives compensation in any manner from any of the companies that are discussed in this newsletter or on the related websites. By accepting emails, including various paid subscriptions and free email reports and newsletters, you agree to the terms of the TradingTipsWeekly.com’s website Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use provisions as such may be amended from time to time.
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