TACABRO “DJ & LIVE” (#1 Hit Tacata // new Album on UNIVERSAL MUSIC)

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Fri 22 Feb
Sat 23 Feb

Fri 1 March
Sat 2 March

Should you be interested please send us your offer and details.

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MidnightBeats Artist Management
Luruper Weg 20 – 25469 Halstenbek – Germany

Office: +49-(0)4101-834 39 33
Fax: +49-(0)4101-834 39 34
Mobile: +49-(0)172-98 98 266
Skype: sebastianneuss

DJs: Chriss Ortega – DJ Antoine – DJ Lucky Lou Party Rock Crew – DJ Motiv8 – Krystal Roxx – Lissat & Voltaxx – Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest – Nikola – Stereo Palma
LIVE PAs: Chris Willis – Gerald G – Inna – Inusa Dawuda – Tacabro – Terri B!
LABEL NIGHTs: Jolly Roger Label Party
WORLDWIDE MANAGEMENT FOR: Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest



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