Tattoo Removal Laser

This is Summer from ORCREA. We supply machines to beauty/easthetic clinic, salon, spa, center…


Now our Tattoo Removal Laser is on promotion and waiting for your enquiry


Others we would like to introduce to you:

1. Cool Cryolipolysis Slimming system: Cryolipolysis+vacuum+cavitation+laser lipolysis

2. 808nm Diode Laser

3. Oxygen&Bio Skin Care System: Spray Oxygen, Inject Oxygen, Inhale Oxygen, BIO Wrinkle

4. IPL hair removal system

5. Fractional CO2 Laser

6. LED skin care/rejuvenation

7. E-Light system

8. Face analyzer

9. RF(Radio Frequency) system

10. Ultrasonic Cavitation System

11. Laser Liposuction/Lipolysis system


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