Your 50% discount will be gone in 24 hours…

——– Men

Your 50% discount will be gone in 24 hours…

Just want to remind you that the 50% discount for Long Tail Pro will be gone in the next 24 hours!

When LTP special deal was launched 6 days ago, the discount actually started at 75% off, and decreased for every few sales.

After 2 days, the discount already reach 50%, and Spencer, the owner, finally decided to keep the discount at 50% to allow more people to take advantage of this crazy deal.

Now, in their 6 days, 4000+ people already bought this amazing keyword tools.

«I’ve discarded all the other keyword research software. All do similar stuff. However, Long Tail Pro is the FASTEST and most USER-FRIENDLY!»

4000+ peoples cannot be wrong, so what about you? Are you in too?

— Purwedi Kurniawan

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